References list

Kraftszer Vállalkozási Ltd
Assembly of flue gas treatment system and ducts in Biomass project in Power Plant

Kraftszer Vállalkozási Ltd
Assembly of strew and wooden chips feeding lines (4 pieces) in Biomass project in Power Plant

Kraftszer Vállalkozási Ltd
Complete assembly work of SNCR unloading and dosing system

Kraftszer Vállalkozási Ltd
Biomassza Erőmű projekt, acélszerkezetek, pódiumok korlátok gyártása-szerelése

Calmit Hungária Ltd
Manufacture and assembly of steel structures and equipments of fine lime grinding technology

CBMI Construction Co.Ltd
Manufacture and assembly of steel structures under framework contract

Lafarge Cement Ltd
Maintenance, assembly and repair works under yearly framework contract in Cement Plant

Nostra Cement Ltd
Develop, manufacture and installation of 1100 meters decorative strip lighting

Nostra Cement Ltd
Complete manufacture and assembly work of SNCR unloading and dosing system

Nostra Cement Ltd
Install of 1800 meters fence system in Cement Plant

Ceminvest Ltd
Assembly of steel structure and mechanical equipment of a cement plant in Királyegyháza, Hungary. (assembly of 6500 tons)

Nostra Cement Ltd
Assembly of mechanical equipment in Bükkösd Limestone Quarry

Strabag-MML Ltd
Sandwich and trapeze panel cladding of 30.000 m2 (raw material storage hall)

Strabag-MML Ltd
Trapeze cladding of 28.000 m2 surface

Strabag-MML Ltd
Trapeze cladding of 33.000 m2 (technology buildings)

Detonet Ltd.
Fracturing and demolition of technological equipment and steel structures. (15 000 tons)

Rákospalota waste burner
Demolition and erection of steel structure, and installation of boilers, hoppers, bag filters.

Holcim Hungária Rt. Lábatlan
Fabrication and erection of cement discharge steel structure and technology. Total recovery of II. rotary kiln. Complete maintenance of blow fan, electro filter, suction fan, coal dust feeder, conveyor belts, and screw conveyor. Demolition, fabrication and erection of elevators. Fabrication of classifier building, wagon charging, installation of dedusting of crushing building, fabrication of dedusting units and buildings.

Visonta thermal power plant
Fabrication and erection of scale discharge system and silo.

Duna-Dráva Cement Ltd. Vác
Demolition of pebble bedded dedusting cyclones.

Calmit Hungária Ltd.
Modification of lime stone line, erection of screw conveyor discharger. Fabrication and erection of lime stone silo reducing system.

Ózdépterv Ltd.
Fabrication of form work parts for grain silo foundation.

Bécem Rt.
Demolition of 5,70 x 19 m metal silos without destruction. After explosion of packing building, separation and processing of concrete, and transport of 40 000 tons of refuse. Demolition of 1000 m rubber conveyor belt without destruction. Demolition of stone quarry crushing equipments. Demolition of raw material conveyor pipe bridges, electro filters, and cooling towers.

Bélapátfalvi Ipari park
Recovery of cement discharging building.

Kazinc Távhő Kazincbarcika
Demolition of 18 000 m industrial pipe line.

HRC Ltd.
Demolition of metal cement silos without destruction.

Agrárgazdaság Ltd. Debrecen
Fabrication of "Európa kapu", a 20-ton steel structure.

Fish&Food Ltd.
Foundation works of a storage hall.

Bélkő Kht.
Transformation and recovery of office building, changing of roof structure with doors and windows. Recovery of the roofs and façade of the buildings in the industrial park (a surface of 7000 m2), changing of kopolit panes by using alpintechnics. Modification and recovery of water-tower and hydraulics in the industrial park.

Kabai Cukorgyár
Erection of grain separator silo and pipe system.

Pető és Pető Ltd.
Modification and recovery of the rooms of "Módszertani Otthon".

Building of an amusement center (6000 m2).